“Health Innovation identifies new or improved health policies, systems, products and technologies, and services and delivery methods that improve people’s health and wellbeing”

(World Health Organisation)

New ideas and innovations can be of any scale, can be recognised by anyone in an organisation, and can be applied to any part of the health and care system. Innovation may come in the form of the adoption of a specific new technology to improve care, or may be a simple process change to the way an individual works. Whether large or small, recognising the opportunity for such changes are crucial in constantly improving the quality of care as well as the experience of both patients and clinicians.

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If you are involved in an innovative project in South Yorkshire, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to share examples of where innovative solutions are being implemented within health and care settings in the region. The form is open to anyone working in the health and care environment in South Yorkshire who has awareness of, or direct participation in, real world initiatives where innovation is being utilised to tackle an identified challenge. We refer to ‘innovation’ in it’s broadest sense.

When you submit an innovation

The SY ICS Innovation Hub team will review your submission, and follow up directly with you for any clarification. For innovations which effectively address needs in the region, we would be pleased to feature these as case studies on this page, where colleagues and partners from across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw will be able to learn from such initiatives and understand how such achievements may be replicated in their locality.

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